IV Nutrient Therapy

IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy (IVNT) is a medical treatment by which sterile solutions of vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring nutritive substances are infused directly into the bloodstream. Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve blood concentrations unobtainable by other means, such as oral supplementation or intramuscular injection. For example, there is a relatively low threshold of gut absorption and kidney excretion for vitamin C and magnesium by oral or injection routes, however, by providing these nutrients through an intravenous route, the dose provided and absorbed can be many orders of magnitude greater.

There are standard cocktails that are available for all clients without a Doctor visit, however our Medical Director is available to discuss a patient’s specific needs and tailor the IV for them, based on individual lab tests and discussion.

IV start at 250mls and go up to 500mls .

30-45 Minute Treatment

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More Information about IV Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)

IVNT can be used in many different ways, from enhancing overall wellbeing and optimizing health, all the way to being part of adjunct treatment for cancer; its use depends on which nutritive substances are utilized and the amounts of those substances utilized.

At Illumina Health, the IVs are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A sampling of some of the conditions that can significantly benefit from IVNT includes:

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