Illumina Health provides a tailored comprehensive nutritional program that with the expertise of our doctors, helps with the Detoxification and the rebuilding process for individual according to their nutritional needs. Illumina Health believes that proper nutrition is an important part of a health-changing lifestyle that an individual must make to improve their own healing process.

Treatment Time

7-90 Days
Individual treatments are tailored to each patients unique needs.

Nutrition Follow-up


Treatment Time: 15 Minutes

More Information on Nutrition

Nutritional Consultation
A 90-minute comprehensive nutrition consultation involving a thorough history, functional testing (HRV (heart rate variability), salivary pH, pulse O2, zinc taste test, In-Body scale, pupillary reflex), and a body scan utilizing clinically proven Nutrition Response Testing for a targeted nutritional program.

Nutrition Follow-up
A 15 minute follow up to answer any questions, concerns, or changes that may be needed to reach optimum health. Needs and frequency is individualized to each patient.

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